An amazing year slowly comes to an end!

The third and last bike-tour is over and past!
An amazing year slowly comes to an end!

What was:
The “across the country” tour is now behind me…
Slowly, I got to know Germany from a different kind of perspective and I have to admit, I loved it!
2440 km all in all !
A special thanks goes out to the Chemnitz audience – More than 300 € donations for the arche noVa e.V. – only in this concert !!

What is:
Booking 2015 is up and running!
If you’re interested in a Living room concert, please get in touch.
The DVD is also done and we’re now sitting with the bonus material, and the interpreters are sitting with their material 😉 German with english subtitle.
Besides that, I’m very happy to be back home in Dresden. Since the CD Release in April, I was hardly at home… Now we’re catching up and spending some quality time together!

What comes:
– Blaue Stunde, Concert and handing over the donations, from me and everyone who donated. 26.11. in Dreikönigskirche Dresden. 20:00 it all starts and arche noVa will start with showing and talking about their job. We’ve reached 5700 € and my goal was 6000 €. You still have a chance to donate at:
– Dohna Lauf, 6th of December. The city of Dohna sponsor every runner with a donation for arche noVa. I’ll be running as well!
– 07.12. DVD Premiere ! More Information will follow!
Thanks for all the name suggestion we got there. We decided to go for “Behind the Door to the Unknown”.

Since i have a lot of material in front of me, bonus material you know, I’ll say goodbye for now.
Take care everyone and see you down the road

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