What was:
I’m looking back at a busy summer!
Many concerts and many great encounters and moments…
Just to mention a few, I’m thinking of the double concerts with Iontach, who plays wunderful irish music (and besides that being great persons), and the other double concert with the Jeanine Waldek Band who definitely convienced me with their lyrics and being so openhearted.

What is:
At the Moment it’s a lot to organize before we’re off to Sweden for a few weeks.
Booking for next year is also up and running, and if you’re interested in a living room concert, please get in touch and we can have a look at it together and exchange ideas to make it happen…

What comes:
The concerts for the autumn are all in the „concerts“.
Singer-Song-Writer Workshop in the wonderful Appenhof (close to Meissen, Sachsen).
In this workshop we’ll have a look at your way of playing, and together work on, how to get out more of the guitar playing and singing…

To all of you who keep on coming to the concerts – Thank you so much for showing up, over and over again! That’s a great honour for me and it makes me more happy than you can imagine!
See you down the road

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