2016 (german version below)


A bit late, but here we go: Happy new Year!!


I hope all your wishes come true, so be careful with what your wishes truly are!

A short sum up of music and life:

What was:

2015 was a very interesting and family friendly year!

After the amazing Release Tour 2014, 2015 was more relaxed and I had more quality time with my family.

Soul Seekers was reunited, and it was great to share stage with them again in Dixiebahnhof.

Together with my wife, I played „Blue Ice – … on a swedish winter night“ which was a winter-/ Christmas program.

It was both very nice, and I hope I will have more of it in a near future.

I also started to write new songs, and I slowly see a new CD being born…

What is:

I enjoy the winter which finally came!

Meaning, a lot of ice scating with the kids…

Except for a few possibilitys of Living room concerts, I’m booked out ‚till Summer.

At the moment we’re planning the big Sweden-adventure!

What comes:


In Summer we’re moving up there, and this time it is for real!

We’re moving to PiteÃ¥, which is the next city to LuleÃ¥, were I was born and raised.

In the basement we will set up a studio, and I’m looking forward to work and compose, up in the swedish wilderniss…

On our little piece of land, we also have a small house, were it will be possible for you to spend your holidays. It’s a house for the ones who likes it rustic…

We will soon give you more details about this, and it won’t take long until we’re reday and prepared for booking inquires…

Singer-Songwriter-Workshops will take place, also in the future… Just write me, or have a look on the Homepage every now and then for updates.


Please visit me at www.youtube.com/stefanjohanssonmusic or even better:

Visit my channel and subscribe! (the little red button)

There are some new videos online, for example this cover of Bruce Springsteen:


Hope to see you down the road


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